Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood make show watchable, know their show and life

Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood make show watchable, know their show and life

BBC news broadcaster, Sally Nugent was enrolled at Upton Hall School FCJ and holds Bachelor of Arts from University of Huddersfield. With the completion of her undergraduate degree, she joined BBC Radio and hosted several news shows. An energetic journalist with beautiful face and sexy looks began presenting BBC Breakfast since November, 2011.                            

Meanwhile, Scottish weather presenter, Carol Kirkwood who is also known for presenting the BBC Breakfast is now currently the participant of the Strictly Come Dancing.

Sports presenters Sally Nugent who began presenting BBC Breakfast on a 'relief' basis also hosts several sports program in Breakfast along with Mike Bushell while Carol Kirkwood has been presenting the weather reports from London though this program has been transferred to MediaCity UK.

Without Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood  BBC Breakfast is worth less to watch but these beautiful ladies are putting some freshness in the show and making the show refreshing to watch.

Carol Kirkwood was married to Jimmy Kirkwood in 1990. Her 22 years of married life came to an end when she got divorced with him in 2012.

Sally Nugent seems to be kind from her heart as she got married to a man with a child.

This man's wife abandoned him and his child and he was in need of a mother who can take care of that sweet little boy. This relationship is still on but their name is not revealed yet.

Recently in July 2015, this sweet duo, Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood were found in Wimbledon and they were beautifully dressed. , Sally was in print dress and Carol raspberry-colored frock.

While they were in Wimbledon, they met John Lloyd who was once United Kingdom number one tennis player. They also managed their time to take some pictures with him.

Though both of them have already crossed their forties, they are still energetic and they are the one who is making the morning show watchable.