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Birth Name: Rachel True
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
Birth Sign: scorpio
Age:   51 Years
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Rachel True, born as Rachel India True is an American television and film actress and a Fashion model best known for her role in movies like 'The craft', 'Nowhere' and 'Half Baked'. She was born on November 15, 1966, in Newyork City, New york, the United States to a Jewish father and African-American mother. She did her University education from the New York University after which she forwarded her foot in the field of acting.

The girl with blackish charm, Rachel True started her career in 1991 appearing in a television show named 'The Cosby Show'.  Following this, she appeared in several television shows and films like CB4, Dream on, Boston Common and many others. However, it was only after she appeared in the 1996 cult hit 'The Craft' where she played a teenage witch-she started getting noticed by the media. The attention thereby gave her the chance to appear in movies like 'The Craft' and 'Nowhere' which later happened to be her major success.

Regarding her nationality and ethnicity, Rachel is a black-American and is unmarried even at the age of 50 with no alleged affairs and boyfriends on the list. Her life as a bachelorette has further pointed question regarding her gender as a homosexual which too has not been verified true so far. Away from her personal life and husband, Rachel True is good with her earning and earns over U.S $60000 every year which also includes her endorsement and sponsorship fees. Further her net worth by the end of 2017 is estimated to be around $339786312 which includes stocks, properties, Yacht and private airplane. 

Rachel True

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Born in New York City, United States

1966 15th of November

Rachel True is an American actress known for her role in movies like 'The craft' and 'Half Baked'. She was born on November 15, 1966, in New york City, New York, United States to a Jewish father and African-American mother


Debut movie The Cosby Show


An American actress, Rachel True' currently at the age of 50 already falls among the establish American actress because of her acting skills and performance. She made her debut in 1991, appearing in a television show named 'The Cosby Show'.


Net Worth around $339786312

2017 of November

Rachel True as an American actress fall in the top league of earners. By the end of 2016 and with the start of 2017, Rachel is estimated to have around $339786312 of net worth which includes stocks, properties, Yacht and private planes.

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