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Birth Name: Ottavia Busia
Birth Country: Italy
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Ottavia Busai is an MMA fighter and TV celebrity who appeared in shows like No Reservations. She was born in Sardinia, Italy. There is no exact information about her birth and parents and Siblings. The Italian beauty was married to Michael Bourdain.

Ottavia Busia is currently single after officially breaking up from her former husband Anthony Michael Bourdain. Bourdain is a renowned chef author and TV celebrity. The couple has a daughter, Ariane from their failed marriage. Divorce with Busia was not a new thing for chef Anthony as he was previously married and divorced with Nancy Putkoski.

Ottavia Busia is a television actress and has appeared in No Reservations. She is also an MMA fighter and However, in the media, there is no any further information about her. It is possible to find her biography on the internet and somewhere in the book but further information other than her married life with her husband Anthony is not accessible. Maybe she loves to keep her personal information to herself away from the press. 


Ottavia Busia

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Married to Anthony Michael Bourdain


It seems like she is not involved in any kind of extra love affairs than her married life. She seems to be devoted to her loving husband.  She married Anthony Michael Bourdain on 20th April, 2007. He is a renowned chef. He is also an author and an actor. 



First child Ariane


For the first time in her life, she became the mother of her daughter. She gave birth to a child, a daughter named Ariane in 2007. The father of her child is her husband Anthony Michael Bourdain. Till now there are no any rumors of her giving birth to her second child.


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