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Birth Name: Nicole Curtis
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inch
Birth Sign: leo
Age:   40 Years
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Born in Michigan, United States in august 20 1976, Nicole Curtis is well known for the TV show "Rehab Addict". The love and the belief of the restoration and conservation of the old and historical buildings and structures was the main driving force for her career choice in this TV show. She completed her academics by studying in various institutes in Georgia, Florida and Michigan. Although she started the Law school, she ended up studying Education. She have a son,Ethan and is expecting an another child's in July 2015.

Nicole Curtis is best known for hosting the popular reality TV show "Rehab Addict". In the TV program defend the idea of demolition and destruction of the old houses and buildings and support restoring them by renovations and reconstructions..In a sense she advocates to 'rehab' the old buildings for the better future. Her known work includes rehabbing of the homes in Saint Paul, Minnisota, Minneapolis, Detroit, Michigan, and Akron, Ohio which includes the old houses of the early century.

She is also very famous in social media too. She have 109K followers in Twitter and 872042 likes on Facebook. 

Nicole Curtis

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Born on Michigan, United States

1976 20th of December

She was born on 20th August 1976 in Michigan, United States of America. She grew up and spent her happy childhood years in Michigan. Her family owned the Garbage Factory there. She completed her high school in Michigan

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