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Matthias Schoenaerts

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Birth Name: Matthias Schoenaerts
Date of birth:
Birth Country: Belgium
Height: 6 Feet 2 Inch
Birth Sign: sagittarius
Age:   40 Years
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A Belgian white actor and a film producer Matthias Schoenaerts was born on December 8, 1977, in Antwerp, Belgium. His mother Dominique Which was a costume designer and a French teacher. His father Julien Schoenaerts was also an actor thus Matthias Schoenaerts soon followed his father footsteps to be an actor. Matthias always wanted to be an actor since his childhood days as he was heavily inspired by his father. He also has a brother named Bruno Schoenaerts.

Matthias Schoenaerts started his acting career at the age of 13 with his first Belgian film "Daens" alongside his father on 1992. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language movie. When he was 21 years old, he was enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Belgium. When Schoenaerts graduated from the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts in 2003, he was already named one of "Europe's Shooting Stars" by the influential marketing organization, European Film Promotion.


Matthias passion for acting made him famous from her early days and was offered with many national and international films. He worked on the films like "Girl"(2002), "Any Way the Wind Blows"(2003), "Ellektra"(2004), "Black Book"(2006), "Everyone"(2006), "Loft"(2008) etc. Moreover, Schoenaerts upcoming movie "Netflix" is going to released on 2017.

Although Schoenaerts turned 39 years old, he remains single and has not married anyone yet. furthermore, informations about his girlfriends or affairs has also not disclosed by the actor so far. Matthias Schoenaerts belongs to Belgian nationality, smart and good looking actor with white ethnicity and height 6 ft. 2 inches. Schoenaerts earns net worth $4 Million only because of his talent and hardwork that made him successful in his acting career.

Matthias Schoenaerts

Matthias Schoenaerts facts on timeline

Born in Antwerp, Belgium

1977 8th of December

A Belgian actor and a film producer Matthias Schoenaerts was born on December 8, 1977, in Antwerp, Belgium. Schoenaerts father Julien Schoenaerts was also a well-established Belgian Actor so he was interested in acting from his early childhood.


Matthias Schoenaerts Career


Matthias Schoenaerts started his career at the age of 13 with his first Belgian film name "Daens" along with his father in 1992. Matthias passion for acting grew day by day and he worked on many hit movies. He has also got various Awards for his acting.


Graduation from Royal Academy of the Dramatic


Matthias Schoenaerts graduated from the film school named "Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts" in 2003. Before this, he attended the film school for the acting training but he failed the academy because of his low attendance.


Matthias Schoenaerts Awards


Matthias Schoenaerts has got many awards in his film career. He first got an Award for EFP shooting star on 2003. Further, he won various Awards as Best Actor in 2011, 2012 and 2013. He recently won a Capri Award in 2015.


Matthias Schoenaerts Networth


After achieving a great success in the field of acting and producing Matthias Schoenaerts earned a huge net worth of U.S $ 4 Million. He is able to make it possible only because of his talent and dedication towards his acting career.

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