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Maja Salvador

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Birth Name: Maja Salvador
Date of birth:
Birth Country: Philippines
Height: 5 Feet 1 Inch
Birth Sign: libra
Age:   29 Years
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Maja Ross Andres Salvador commonly known as Maja Salvador was born to father Thelma Andres and Ross Rival . She has three siblings one brother , Jon Hernandez and two sisters Sahara Shyla G.Salvador and Luchi Salvador Joson .Salvador is a actor , singer ,producer and a model . Maja is regarded as the "Dance Princess of the Philippines" .She has been in her career since 2003 .Salvador's uncle and father are also actors .

Maja Salvador has had three relationships in the past . Currently , she is single .Recently in 2015 she broke up with her former boyfriend ,Gerald Anderson with whom she had affair since 2013 .

In 2003 , when she started her career she worked in short flim . Later in 2006 she got her first supporting role in a horror film . This character got her numerous awards . Her agent is star magic .

In 2013 December , Salvador announced that she has signed her singing contract . In 2014 she had released her album titled "Believe" and In 2015 she released her second album "Maja in Love"

In 2003 , she also acted in her first Television show which was "It might be you" . From 2003 till 2016 she has acted in various television programs as the lead role , supporting roles or even minor roles .

Maja started her acting career in 2003 and  since 2004 she started to receieve various awards and nomination .From 34 nomination in different flims , Television shows , and songs , Maja has won 17 awards .

Salvador's nationality is Filipino and her ethnicity is Asian .She has not revealed her net worth .

Maja Salvador

Maja Salvador facts on timeline

Maja was born

1988 5th of October

Maja was born on October 5 , 1988 . She was born to father Thelma Andres and mother Ross Rival . Her father and uncle are also actors . Her nick names are Totzki and Maj . She was born in Aparri, Cagayan , Philippines .


Started career


In 2003 , Maja first started her career . She did short supoorting characters in the television series  "It might be  you ". After that in the same year she was on the lead character of "Spirits"


First flim debut


In 2006 , Maja did her first flim debut as a supporting character . Her first film was a horro movie titled "Sukob"she has the role of cairvoyant , who is a young girl . After this film she was nominated and awarded for different titles .


Confirmed reletionship with Gerald Anderson

2013 of May

In 2013 , Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador confirmed that they two were dating  . Anderson apeared on "ASAP" with a big bouquet of rose for his sweetheart Maja. He also Maja that he will always be there to protect her .


Signed up for recording contract

2013 of December

On December Maja revelaed that she was signing a recording contract with Ivory Music and Video . While recording she worked with award winning arranger and producer , Jonathan Ong .By 2014 , her album was released and was named "Believe".


Released her first album

2014 of March

In 2014 , Maja Salvador released her first album "Believe" . The album consists of original compositions and two covers . By march the album was released which she revealed throuh her instagram account .This album also featured collaborations .


Broke up with her boyfriend


In 2015 , Maja Slvador broke up with her sweetheart boyfriend , Gerald Anderson . They dating for about 2 years . In a interview Gerald mentioned that they broke up in mutual understanding but he did not mention the reason for their breakup .


Currently Maja Salvador


Currently Maja Salvador who is age 28 is single. She has not revealed her net worth . She has a flim that has to be announced which is titled "I'm drunk , I love You " She also won two awards currently in 2016 .

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