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Birth Name: Josh Dallas
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Birth Sign: sagittarius
Age:   36 Years
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Joshua Paul "Josh" Dallas (born December 18, 1981) is an American actor. He was born to Diana and Ron Zellner in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Josh also has a brother,Jason. Dallas came to fame with his character as Fandral in the movie Thor in 2011. In the same year, Josh was starred as Prince Charming/David Noaln in the ABC T.V series Once Upon A Time. His character in 'Once Upon A Time' brought him into the limelight.

After graduation Dallas started working at the Royal Shakespeare Company in England. He also took part in Royal National theatre, English National Opera and The Young Vic.

While working at Royal Theatre, Windsor, Dallas met his first wife. They both dated each other for several years until got married. However, their marriage wasn't a success and they eventually got divorced.

Dallas after working for many in England, returned to the states. Just after five days of returning from England, Josh was called to offer a role as Fandral in the blockbuster movie Thor. Additionally, he also started doing the TV show Once Upon A Time.

Josh had an affair with his co-star of the TV show Once Upon A Time, Ginnifer Goodwin. His then girlfriend Goodwin later became Josh's second wife. Dallas and his spouse are still married, and with two little sons, they live in their  $3.45 million home in Encino, Calif.

The actor recently decided to delete his twitter handle. Before deleting his twitter handle he also lost his verified checkmark of his handle.

Josh Dallas

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Born in Louisville,Kentucky

1981 18th of December

Born to Diana and Ron Zellner in Louisville, Kentucky. He spent his childhood right across the river Ohio in New Albany Indiana. He also attended New Albany Senior Public High School. The actors zodiac sign in Sagittarius.


Married to Lara Pulver

2007 of December

Josh dated Englsih actress Lara Pulver, with whom he worked at Theatre Royal. He worked in the theartre since 2003. Eventually, after four years of dating, they both get married. However, the marriage didn't last long.


First film role

2008 of September

The actor landed his first movie role in 2008. He was cast as Floyd in the action thriller movie '80 Minutes'. Directed by Thomas Jahn, the movie failed to gain critical acclaim nor did the movie was a success in the box office.


His first wife


 Josh Dallas and Lara Pulver were divorced after 4 years of marriage. They did not have any children together. There is rumour that Josh had already had feelings for another women, which resulted in the divorce.


Worked In the movie Thor As Frandral


Josh returned to USA in 2011. Just after five days of returning, he was offered a lead role in the movie 'Thor'. Frandral was his best performance so far. This movie gave Josh's career all the limelight.


Remarried Ginnifer Goodwin

2014 12th of April

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin dated each other for about 4 years of dating. Their affair soon turned into marriage in the year 2014, in California. However, the bride was already about 8 months pregnant when they got married.


First child


After only a month of their marriage, the couple have their first baby together. He was named Oliver Findlay Dallas. After the baby, Josh and Goodwin both were busy with their TV show 'once upon a time'.




Dallas has blue eyes. He weighs about 80kgs (176 lbs) with a heighty of 6 feet 1 inch. The actor has a yearly salary of $352,941. Josh Dallas' net worth in the year 2016 is $3,000,000. He is currently busy in his TV show.



Second baby together

2016 1st of June

Hugo Wilson Dallas, the second child of the actors was born in 2016, in Los Angeles. Hugo joined his baby brother Oliver. Both of the actors are busy shooting for their TV show 'once upon a time'.

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