Jill Rhodes and husband Sean Hannity still married but they could be on the verge of divorce

Jill Rhodes and husband Sean Hannity still married but they could be on the verge of divorce

Jill Rhodes is the wife of American radio and television host, Sean Hannity. Jill’s husband Sean is also a famous author and political commentator.

Despite spending a long-time as a husband and wife, this couple’s relationship is not going steady currently, and there are rumors flying around that they will get a divorce soon. So what's the story behind this? Let's find out. Here we will also let you know about their love affair,  relationship, and married life. Just stay with us.

Stay with us, to know more about them.

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Jill Rhodes and Seam Hannity's Love Affair and Relationship: Their Married Life

Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity met at WVNN radio in Huntsville, Alabama in 1991. Due to their similar field of career, they got attracted towards each other. It is said that Jill and Sean exchanged their ideas through voicemails and even actual encounter.

Husband and wife: Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes

Husband and wife: Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes

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However, after dating for less than a year, they decided to turn their love affair into a marriage. They got married in 1993. After their wedding, they moved to live in Atlanta, Georgia and lately they have been living with Merri Kelly Hannity and Patrick Hannity, their two children, in their $3.6 million 5-bedroom home, located in Lloyd Neck, New York.

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Husband and Wife: Jill Rhodes and Sean Hannity likely to Divorce

The reason behind Sean’s likely-to-be divorce is quite shocking. Jill has been connected to many women after his marriage. It is said that he easily gets attracted to another woman.

Jill Rhodes's husband Sean Hannity

Jill Rhodes's husband Sean Hannity

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In 2013, he also revealed that he lusts for other women. There are also rumors that he has been romantically involved with many of his co-workers. Due to all of these, their divorce has always been the matter of when rather than if.

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Sean Hannity hanging out with other women

Sean Hannity hanging out with other women

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But recently, he has started to doubt his own sexual preference. Sean has given a very difficult response about “Magic Mike’s” Channing Tatum. He said,

I was sitting there in the theater with my wife like I normally do on Saturdays, but something was just different this time.

Jill Rhodes' husand Sean Hannity on one of his show

Jill Rhodes' husand Sean Hannity on one of his show

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He even added,

My mind just cleared and I found myself mesmerized by Channing Tatum’s glistening chest. The baby oil drew my attention to a single tear of sweat that slid down Tatum’s breast and dripped off his erect nipple like a leaky faucet and my pants just exploded.

While I was watching Magic Mike, I couldn’t help but think what it would be like to be the  tripper pole Tatum twirled on,

He repeated

That made me happy and I want to be happy all the time.

Sean Hannity comes out as gay after watching Channing Tatum Naked

Sean Hannity comes out as gay after watching Channing Tatum bare chest

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Sean could have said that just for a bit of fun, however, his lusting for other women is expected to break his marriage sooner rather than later.

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Here's a video where Sean admits he lusts for women other than his wife.

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However, the couple is still together and we hope though they are lately facing problems in their relationship, they sort it out as soon as possible. Moreover, the couple also shares two beautiful children and hopefully, their love for children make them walk a little further in their life together.

Sean Hannity And His Wife's Love For Their Children

No matter how hard times the couple is facing in their relationship, they always have a tremendous love for their children. And here same is the case with the celebrity couple Sean Hannity and his spouse, Jill Rhodes.

From their relationship together, they are blessed with two children, a son, and a daughter. Patrick Hannity who is their elder son was born on 1999 while their daughter Merri Kelly was born on 2002. And, interestingly, both the child is crazy about tennis.

Sean hannity and Jill Rodhes son Patrick Hannity

Patrick Hannity playing tennis

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Well, though Sean is a renowned television host to the world, he is a cute father who never misses to transform himself into a 10-years-old whenever he is with their children. The Fox star often accompanies his children, be playing tennis with them or amusing the with the thrilling stories.   

Undoubtedly, with all of them together, they make a beautiful family. Hope the family never separate and make it to the end. For more updated stay in touch with frostsnow.com