Is Jordan Gavaris gay in real life or does he have a SECRET girlfriend? His dating and affairs

Is Jordan Gavaris gay in real life or does he have a SECRET girlfriend? His dating and affairs

Jordan Gavaris, who is famous as Orphan Black’s Felix Dawkin, is currently single. There is no information about his girlfriend or a boyfriend, for that matter.

Jordan has never spoken about his sexual orientation, however, we have something that might just provide the answer.

image : Jordan Gavaris


If you search on the internet about Jordan Gavaris, the majority of posts related to him are about his sexual orientation. 

image: Jordan during an event

This is because all of his fans want to know the real answer. The main reason behind people doubting his sexual orientation is because of his flamboyantly gay character in ‘Orphan Black’.


mage: Still from an episode of 'Orphan Black'


A source close to him said from what he knew, he could almost guarantee that Jordan is gay, however, the source also reiterated that currently, nothing can be said with certainty. Jordan, however, does not like being designated based on a role.

He told his fans to focus more on other aspects of Felix (his character in the series) rather than on his relationships and intimate details.  Well, we agree with Jordan too, he should be praised for his performance and acting skills rather than the character he has portrayed.

During an interview, when a straight reporter said that if he was Jordan, he would be offended to be gay, Jordan quickly replied, “You cannot collectively as a society decide that you are only going to represent one part of a minority. It’s like saying you’ve represented black people on television because you aired an episode of the Cosbys. That is not true. … It’s not fair, it’s exclusionary, and it’s irresponsible,”.

After a huge round of applause, he added, “I just don’t know when as a society … it sort of only became OK to represent gay people in the traditional sense where they have a great job, and well-adjusted parents, and maybe a surrogate or adopted child. When was that the only way you could represent gay people? … And I love Felix to death. Clichés and not clichés and everything. And maybe that’s a choice he makes consciously, a defense mechanism. There’re a million reasons why. There are so many more interesting things to Felix than who he’s sleeping with.”



Talking about Jordan’s girlfriend, till date, there is no information of him ever dating a girl. Maybe he as dated a few in the past or maybe not, he has never spoken about it.


Jordan has huge LGBT supporters. Even he is very understanding towards them and is always seen taking their side. He has, time and again, requested the society to not discriminate them and accept them as normal people.

This is the reason behind LGBT’s immense love for him. But for now, everyone wants him to come out of the silence and clear the doubts people are having regarding his sexual orientation.