Hillary Clinton gets a clean chit from FBI in the email scandal

Hillary Clinton gets a clean chit from FBI in the email scandal

Just before the D-day the Federal Bureau of Investigation has become a game changer for the democratic nominee in the US Elections Hillary Clinton. Clinton who got in a messy scandal of emails was given a clean chit saying that as a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using the email server has meant no harm.

In fact, the Director of FBI added that their views about the candidate's motives were the same like in July and hardly anything had been changed. This statement from the chief, however, has managed to become a total game-changer for the nominee Hillary Clinton who is fighting the US Elections against Republican nominee Donald John Trump.

The email scandal had effectively managed to dent the popularity of Hillary Clinton and scandalized the whole issue. A plus point which gave immense popularity to her opponent. However, the FBI investigation team was on full support with Clinton and they suggested before as well that the emails had nothing related to crime.

However, on the other side, Donald Trump was undoubtedly not happy with the statement. He felt that everything was a plan and a mastermind to change the election scenario. He also fearlessly stated that it was just a way to rig the election votes and the system was corrupt.


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