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The good looking and a passionate reported Harry Yorke was born in United Kingdom, he bears British nationality. He does not have only good looks but does have a good way of presenting or reporting the events and news. Harry Yorke studied modern history at University of Birmingham from 20012 to 2015. He was already interested in writing when he was a young student.

Harry Yorke was the winner of Huffington Post Top Student Story in 2014. His passion in the arena of journalism landed him in the field in 2014 when he wrote for the Huffington Post. Since 2015, he has been working for various newspapers in different posts. He is the Editorial Graduate at Daily Telegraph, Reporter at Western Mail, Wales on Sunday, and South Wales Echo.

His presentations skills and writing skills are likely the signs of a better reporter in the coming future. The boy who looks young and charming has not revealed anything about his personal life. He does not seem to be a married person, he may be having a love affair with his girlfriend. He does have a lot of followers on Twitter in an increasing ratio. His net worth has not been disclosed yet but the boy would surely be earning amazing figures of salary in his future as a famous journalist.


Harry Yorke

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Studied at University of Birmingham


Harry Yorke studied modern history at University of Birmingham from 20012 to 2015. Might be he was a bright student at his college.Harry Yorke was already interested in journalism field when he was a young student at the college.


Joined Twitter

2012 of March

The handsome and young journalist Harry Yorke joined Twitter in March 2012. Since the very date, he has been active on Twitter with many tweets. There are more than thousand followers of him on Twitter and it is with increasing ratio.


Worked as Editorial intern

2014 of April

To be a better journalist in the upcoming future, Harry Yorke started his career doing the internship. Harry Yorke did editorial intern for three months from April 2014 to June 2014. Harry Yorke was the Mortgage Introducer in London.


Worked as News Desk Intern

2014 of June

Harry Yorke's internship was going on. Harry Yorke again did internship for one month from June to July, he worked as news desk intern in Centaur Media. He worked as news reporter for Mortgage Strategy and Money Marketing.


Worked as Features Desk Intern

2014 of August

Harry Yorke also include his work where he worked as Features Desk Intern for one month (August to August) in Evening Standard. There he helped in investigating the cases of Islamic extremism in universities for a story headed by a senior reporter.


Won Huffington Post Top Student Story


Harry Yorke's passion in the arena of journalism successfully landed him in the journalism field. In 2014, Harry Yorke wrote for the Huffington Post and he was the winner of Huffington Post Top Student Story in 2014.


Worked for Mail on Sunday

2015 of January

Harry Yorke worked for a month (from January 2015- January 2015) with Mail on Sunday as News Desk Intern. There Harry Yorke did a great job being a part of the team responsible for Paris terror shootings coverage.


Started working at Wales Online

2015 of November

Before working in the Wales online, Harry Yorke was the editor in The Tab Birmingham. Harry Yorke started working as a news reporter in Wales Online from November 2014 to February 2016. Harry Yorke worked there for 4 months.


Workin in The Telegraph.


Recently Harry Yorke is working in The Telegraph Media Group as an editorial trainee. He has been working here since September 2015. Prior to this, he was the Trainee reporter in the Press Association for eight months.

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