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Chris Martin

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Birth Name: Chris Martin
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United Kingdom
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Birth Sign: Acer
Age:   41 Years
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Chris Martin was born with his birth name Christopher Anthony John Martin who was born in 2 March 1977 and currently 38 years old in his age. He was born in Exeter, Devon of England belonging from the English nationality. Martin is occupationally working as Musician, producer. He is popular being as a lead vocalist and co-founder of the popular band named Coldplay. His father was an accountant and mother was a music teacher who was the eldest son of his parents out of 5 children.

This 6 feet 1 inch tall man was stable in his relationship who is married with her spouse being in a long affair with Gwyneth Platrow, as this couple got married in 5 December 2003 but unfortunately got divorce in 20 April 2015 and the reason behind their divorce is still not clearly mentioned. He is the father of 2 children. He loves playing piano and guitar. Martin loves spending his birthday with his very best friend Jon Bon Jovi and he met his wife for the very first time in October 2002, in his very band’s concert. Martin is a pure vegetarian and his net worth is 280 million in the current year. 

Chris Martin

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1977 2nd of March

Chris Marin who is currently 38 years old was born in Exeter Devon belonging from the background of business personal he was the eldest child. He was a responsible child who took care of his younger siblings. 


Gwyneth Platrow meet Gwyneth in a concert

2003 5th of December

Since the very time Gwyneth and Chris Martin met in a concert started dating each other on going with the healthy relationship. They started dating each other and started featuring in the public places. This made Martin’s fans to make a guess and spread the rumors regarding their ongoing relationship and later got married in 5 December 2003.


Birth of the Son

2006 8th of April

During the year 2006, Chris and wife got bounded with another relationship being as a father and mother of their very first child as a son. They believed being parents they came closer with their new responsibility.


Divorce to end marriage

2015 20th of April

After the long relationship and being the parents of the 2 children Chris Martin and his wife got separated with their mutual understanding. The reason behind their divorce is not still mentioned by them among the public and media.

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