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Birth Name: Casey Close
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Birth Sign: libra
Age:   54 Years
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Casey Close was born as Casey Richard on October 21, 1963. He attended Worthington High School. Close is a married man, whose profession is teaching and teaches in a same school with his wife. From his young age Close wanted to be a baseball player, his dream became his profession and his parents supported him a lot to achieve his dream. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. After finishing his studies, he became a professional baseball player.

Casey Close is an American sports agent and baseball player. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. Casey graduated his high-school from Worthington High School and then attended the University of Michigan on a baseball scholarship.

While he was in University, he played for the Michigan Wolverines baseball team. Close hit a grand slam, as a freshman helping Michigan defeat Stanford. In 1986, he received an All-American and Big Ten Medal.

After a long time of his life, he left the CAA, in 2011. After a few months, he headed to the basketball division of Excel Sports Management.

Close is a married man and a father of two children. Casey Close married Gretchen Carlson, winner of Miss America in 1989 and as an anchor of a show "The Real Story" with Gretchen Carlson, on Fox News Channel. He currently works as a teacher at Sunday school.

From his profession career, Casey is earning a good sum of salary and his current estimated net worth $100 million.

Casey Close

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Casey Close


Close was born on 21 October 1963 in Columbus, Ohio. His full name is Casey Richard Close. He went to Worthington High School and at a young age he turned his dream into a profession and became a professional baseball player.


A Freshman


As a freshman, Close played for the Michenghen Wolverines and won the match against Stanford in 1983. There he continued playing until 1986 and received different awards. 


His success to the Team


In 1986, Casey Close was honored and presented with the All- American and Big Ten Medal of Honor, after he helped Michigan baseball team to defeat Stanford.


Casey Close left CAA


In 2011 February, Casey Close announced that he is heading towards the basketball division of Excel Sports Management after he left the CAA, by planning into step further to his professional career.

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