Artist Lori Anne Allison Net Worth, Married, Age and Divorce

Artist Lori Anne Allison Net Worth, Married, Age and Divorce

Lori Anne Allison is not only a talented actress and makeup artist but also a celebrity known best for her marriage with the Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp. This 58 year old woman has been out of the highlights since her divorce with this superstar.

Lori Allison was born on 6th September, 1957. She started to learn styling hair and design new hairstyles on the dolls she possessed. She honed her skills with her dolls since the mere age of 8 and continued doing so until school. At the age of 13 too, she started her work in a boutique. After this, she was subjected into more skills which she attained throughout her career, thus opening a path for a future I the field of make-up and designing. Though she initially wanted to be a musician, she became a makeup celebrity and has been doing make-up of huge celebrities. Despite this, she rose into the highlights only after her marriage with Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp and Lori met and the meeting soon escalated to love and then into marriage. The marriage of the couple took place on 1983 and the couple started doing pretty well for themselves. However, after some problems arose in their relationship, there were marital issues between them and this led to a divorce. After two years of love and marriage, the couple split on 1985. They have no children together. After her divorce with Johnny, she has not been heard of nor has been seen.

There is no information as to if she has been married since or not. Her exact net worth is not known but that of his ex-husband, Johnny Depp is 400 million dollars. She is not active on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter too. Her biography cannot be found on social networking sites. It seems that this beauty has been lost.

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