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Birth Name: Amy Baier
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Amy Baier is the wife of William Bret Baier commonly known as Bret Baier . Bret is the host of Special Report on Fox News Channel .Amy and Bret have been married for over a decade now and have two children . Amy and Bret both have Roman Catholic faith and both of them attend the Holy Trinity Catholic Church . Baier has three brothers but information about her parents is not mentioned .

Amy and Bret got married in 2004 . Before they got married their friends had set them up for a blind date in 2001 , september 11 at Rolling Stone concert . They now have two children named Daniel ad Paul . A decade and more have passed and their married life is going well and there are no plans to seperate.

 Her ethnicity is white .

After two days Paul was born , he had cardiac problem and  soon had an open heart surgery in 2008 . It took great courage for both the parents to deal with such situations . Upon hearing that news President George W . Bush had Paul visit the White House and the White house physician update and check on Paul's progress. 

After Paul got a surgery and had been saved Amy has been involved with different Charity.

Amy's net worth is not known however her husband's net worth is  $16 million .


Amy Baier

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Were set on a blind date.


Beautiful couple , Amy Baier and Bret Baier met on a blind date . Their friends had set them up on a blind date . They were quite confident that Amy and Bret would like  each other . They went to Rolling stone concert in september 11 and got were married in after three years of knowing each other 


Amy and Bret married


Amy and Bret had married in 2004 after they met in 2001 , September 11 . Their friends had set them up for a blind date and were sure they would like each other . They first met at Rolling stone concert .


Paul got a surgery


After Bret and Amy married in 2004 they had two sons Paul and Daniel . Right after Paul was born he had to undergo open heart surgery . It took great courage for Amy and Paul to deal with this situation . President George W.Bush had Paul visit the Whit House Physician .


Amy Currently


Amy has two sons and is  married happily . In 2008 one of her son got an open heart surgery and it was a success . After that she is involved in many charity programs. She has a Roman Catholic Faith and attends the Holy Trinity.

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