Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler can't get enough of each other.

Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler can't get enough of each other.

Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler is probably the cutest couple in Hollywood and it seems that they cannot keep their hands off each other. Even after a marriage that has stood for over a decade, the couple seems to be still in the loved up phase where they cannot help but display their affection in the general public. Their relationship is unlike other celebrity's in that most couples cannot stand each other for a long time and this is why they are loved hugely by their fans around the world.

The star of Blended married Jacqueline Titone on June 22, 2003 and she converted to Judaism, Sandler’s religion for him. They have been getting along pretty well with no imminent signs of divorce. Their wedding was an affair which was talked about widely by the news tabloids due to the extreme popularity of Adam Sandler. Adam, who has appeared in movies such as The Wedding Singer, Click, Big Daddy, Hotel Transylvania, What the Hell Happened to Me?, and  Rules of Engagement has managed to earn a net worth of a mind-blowing 300 million dollars.

However, his professional success in the film industry is not the only thing makes him an enviable personality. He has also been envied for the perfect married life he has with Jackie who has acted with him in several films.

Jackie and Adam were seen strolling around in Brentwood, California with their hands on each other. The same was seen of the couple when they attended a friend’s wedding. Wherever they are seen in public, they seem to have trouble getting their hands off each other and surely cannot get enough of each other. They are the parents of two little kids but have still managed to keep their romance alive. Adam seems to be devoted to his model wife, who is 41, and it seems that they are a couple who will surely stand the pressures of marriage and emerge out successful. 

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