Actress Bridgette Wilson Married to tennis player Pete Sampras. Find out about their relationship.

Actress Bridgette Wilson Married to tennis player Pete Sampras. Find out about their relationship.

Bridgette Wilson, born on September 25, 1973, is an American actress, singer, model and also a Miss teen USA. She is currently married to the star tennis player Pete Sampras. There were various rumors about their divorce which were baseless. The couple currently has 2 children and their relationship is fairly good for now.

The brown-eyed actress got married to the tennis player in October 2000 and they were together in relation for a year or longer prior to the engagement. Bridgette and her husband had their first child back in the year 2002 and the second child in the year 2004.

Image: Bridgette Wilson and Pete Sampras

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Bridgette Wilson's relationship with her husband Pete Sampras

Bridgette Wilson, the famous actress who starred in Mortal Combat as Sonya Blade is currently married to the famous retired tennis player Pete Sampras. Even though their marriage has passed the first 16 years, news about their fighting and bickering has come into media through some 'Source'. 

“Pete and Bridgette have been arguing and fighting almost all the time. I don’t really understand why and how their relationship turned sour all of a sudden. Everything was fine until a few months ago. They used to argue and discuss like normal husband and wife. But now, things are getting real nasty,” revealed the source.

Image: Bridgette Wilson and husband Pete Sampras with their two children

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It is difficult to maintain the same relationship when a new baby is born. As per the insiders, when the couples had their babies, they had difficulties in spending quality time with each other but, somehow they managed to sort it out. The problem still prevails, as they are looking up for a teenager and a 12-year-old kid which certainly keeps them both busy. But, the couple did manage it in the past and let’s hope that they will do the same way this time around.

Bridgette Wilson and Pete Sampras maintain an extreme privacy about their life. This famous couple has rarely made controversies. With all the rumors on the media, we can assure the fans that they can stay relaxed as there is no concrete evidence to support the rumors about their divorce.

Image: Pete Sampras and wife Bridgette Wilson

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Brief biography of Pete and Bridgette

Pete Sampras is regarded as the world’s no.1 tennis players. He has won several Wimbledon titles and has become one of the greatest tennis player in tennis history for which he got the name “Pistol Pete”. After defeating Andre Agassi in the finals in 2002, he retired. Likewise, the wife of former ATP professional tennis player, Bridgette Wilson started her career after she was crowned as the Miss Teen USA in 1990. Later, she was seen in several TV serials and movies but the role of Lisa Fenimore on the soap opera, Santa Barbara made her famous.

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